ICT Sponsor Information



ICT sponsor CCI Eurolam Group is a leading distributor for the EMEA Electronics manufacturing Industry including PCB, PCBA, Semiconductor, connectors, Printed electronics, Hybrid and other interconnection technologies. Best in class product offering, multilingual team, technical support, laboratory, outstanding services and logistics efficiency are the key of our success.


EMC Multilayer Copper-clad laminates, Arlon Polyimide laminates & No-flow pre-pregs, Rogers Microwave laminates, Kingboard FR4 & CEM1 Rigid laminates, Tadco & Pacothane Lamination products, Aluminium Entry & Wood backup material, Kingboard & Furukawa Copper foils & Oak Mitsui CAC, Zeta Cap Coated foils for HDI applications, TCT Solid tungsten carbide drills and routers, Ohmega Resistive foils, DuPont Printed electronics inks including jetable inks & thick film pastes, First EIE Photoplotter – EDI Imaging machines– Inkjet printers, Schmid equipment & spares

For more information please follow this link to the CCI Eurolam web site.